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Photo of Indian Politician Sleeping on Notes Goes Viral

Corruption claims, photo of Indian politician sleeping on notes viral.

A photo of Benjamin Basu Matri, a Indian politician facing corruption charges in India, sleeping on the notes has gone viral on social media.

According to a foreign news agency, a photo of Indian politician Benjamin Basu Matri, who is facing corruption charges in the Indian state of Assam, sleeping on a pile of notes has been revealed.

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In the picture, the Indian politician can be seen sleeping on a pile of 500 Indian rupee notes, while he has also placed some notes on himself.

Benjamin Basu matri, the leader of the autonomous division of Budoland in the Indian state of Assam, has been accused of massive corruption in the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme and the Rural Job Scheme that he is facing.

The regional party has distanced itself from the leader and the entire situation. According to the party’s official statement, he was suspended and removed from his position at VCDC after the incident became public knowledge.

According to UPPL leader and Bodoland Territorial Council leader Executive Member Pramod Boro, Benjamin Basu matri was suspended from the party on January 10 in response to the viral photograph.

“In addition, the BTC government suspended him from the position of VCDC Chairman on February 10, 2024. “I urge all media outlets and social media users to avoid linking Basumatry to UPPL,” he wrote in a post on X.

Boro also stated in his post that Basumatary’s actions are his own, and that the party is not accountable for his actions or personal acts.

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