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Poland and Ukraine Hold Talks to end Deadlock On Grain Embargo

Poland bans Ukrainian grain imports & EU deems this move unacceptable.

This led to negotiations between Ukraine and Poland to find a solution.

Imports of grain, corn, wheat, and sunflowers from Ukraine to neighboring European countries have surged, filling silos and depressing local prices, sparking farmers’ protests and the resignation of Poland’s agriculture minister. Forced.

Since the war-torn country’s traditional Black Sea routes were blocked by Russia’s invasion, Ukraine’s grain exports are being routed through the European Union to other countries.

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Concerns have also been expressed regarding food safety.

Over the weekend, Poland and Hungary banned grain and other food imports from Ukraine. Slovakia joined them on Monday.

According to the spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, Tetiana Lupova, negotiations between Ukraine and Poland on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products and their transit to and through Poland are still ongoing and will continue tomorrow.

The European Union’s executive branch condemned the sanctions imposed by Poland and Hungary.

Tough negotiations

To emphasize that only the EU has exclusive authority over trade policy, spokeswoman Mariam García Ferrer stressed in Brussels that unilateral actions are not acceptable.

He said that, in such difficult times, it is important that all decisions of the European Union are coordinated and coordinated.

Following the blockade of the Black Sea shipping lanes as a result of Russia’s invasion, the EU agreed in May 2022 to allow Kyiv to export its grain stocks and imports from Ukraine for one year at that time. Abolished customs tax on all imported goods.

According to sources, on Monday, a Ukrainian delegation led by Economy Minister Yulia Sveridenko and Polish representatives held talks in Warsaw.

Ukraine’s Agriculture Minister Mykola Solsky had predicted difficult negotiations on the topic of food imports a day earlier.

Banning the import of Ukrainian grain makes it more difficult to achieve a joint victory, they say.

Imports of grain, sugar, meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and other food products will be banned in Poland.

Grains, oilseeds and several other agricultural commodities will be banned, according to Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Difficult situation

Slovakia on Monday announced a ban on a range of goods, including grains, sugar, fruit, vegetables, wine and honey.

Slovakia’s Agriculture Minister Samuel Wilkin told reporters that the ban, which will come into effect on Wednesday, is aimed at protecting both consumer health and the local agricultural industry.

According to a statement issued by his ministry last week, the presence of a pesticide, which is not authorized in the European Union and has a harmful effect on human health, was found in a sample of Ukrainian grain.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture expressed regret over Poland’s ban.

Regarding the war, the Polish peasants are in a difficult situation, but we highlight that the Ukrainian peasants are enduring the worst situation.

In a proposal presented last month, Brussels suggested drawing 61.5 million euros from the EU’s reserve for agricultural crises to help struggling farmers in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.

However, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are the five members that have requested more assistance.

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