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Prince William Turning Prince Louis into the ‘2nd Prince Harry’

Experts say Prince Louis is in dire danger of succeeding Prince Harry.

She began by stating that “there’s always the risk that Prince Louis will see what has happened to his uncle Prince Harry and worry that the same fate will befall him.”

These cautions have been presented by Sarah Hawkins, a specialist in family mediation. During an open conversation with UK reporters, she provided her opinion on everything.

Adults can work through these issues through mediation, which is beneficial for everyone involved, she continued.

There is always a chance that Louis will learn what happened to his uncle and worry that the same thing will happen to him, Ms. Hawkins continued.

Before concluding, she added, “Mediation may help adults deal through such situations, which can only be a positive for all concerned.

For the uninitiated, these issues have been expressed in response to Kate Middleton’s own worries that Princess Charlotte would likewise get left behind.

According to a source close to news reporters, “Kate is navigating everything very carefully.”

She wants Charlotte to understand that while she and her mother share a special link with her mother, George and their father will always have a special bond.

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