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‘Beep Pakistan’ App to be Launched for Government Employees

41 federal agencies shift to Beep P.K App for global communication.

Beep Pakistan App, an internal government employee communication platform, will be made available to all federal government offices and workers starting the next week, according to a statement from the Federal Ministry of IT and Telecom.

According to MoITT, the Beep Pakistan application has been finished and is currently being tested with federal government agencies.

Amin ul Haque, the federal minister for IT and telecom, and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif are reportedly performing the event.

A small-scale test of Beep Pakistan, which was created by the National Information Technology Board (NITB), revealed that there were no issues.

As a result, the government is moving on with a large-scale test and pre-launching the application for federal government agencies.

All 41 federal departments and ministries’ personnel will switch to the Beep Pakistan application starting next week, making it their main means of international communication, according to representatives from the Ministry of IT and Telecom.

The platform has several incredible capabilities that enable seamless communication between government agencies and employees, including audio-video calling, document sharing, and video conferencing.

Government personnel previously put sensitive and vital data at risk by communicating through other third-party applications; utilizing an internal application, however, reduces risk, protects government data, and boosts productivity.

The application has been approved by the National Telecom & Information Security Board as being free from any outside meddling or cyberattacks.

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