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Prominent Former Priest Accepts Islam

Priest Heagy converts to Islam, making headlines in the United States.

Priest Heagy Accepts Islam, who now goes by the name Said Abdul Latif, described his decision as a “Reversion” to Islam and said it felt like “Going Home”

Heagy’s religious journey has been a long and varied one. He was originally a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and later joined the Antiochian Orthodox Church. In 2007, he left the Orthodox Church and became a Byzantine Catholic Priest. He had recently announced plans to build an Eastern Christian Monastery in California.

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Heagy explained that he had been drawn to Islam for many years. “After decades of feeling called to Islam in varied degrees, I had finally chosen to take the plunge,” he wrote. However, he said that his position as a Catholic priest and monk made it necessary for him to make a physical transfer to Islam.

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“One simply cannot be both a priest and a monk in public and a Muslim in private,” he explained. He also quoted a passage from the Quran about returning to one’s primordial nature, saying that his conversion to Islam felt like a homecoming.

Heagy’s conversion to Islam has drawn a mixed response from the religious community. Some have expressed shock and disappointment, while others have applauded him for following his heart and finding spiritual fulfillment. In any case, his decision underscores the ongoing importance of religion in people’s lives, and the deep significance that faith can hold for individuals.

It is worth noting that Heagy’s conversion to Islam is not an isolated incident. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people in the West converting to Islam, particularly among African Americans and Latinos. This trend is often attributed to the appeal of Islam’s message of social justice and spiritual purity.


Regardless of the reasons behind his decision, it is clear that Heagy’s conversion to Islam will have a profound impact on his life and on the religious communities he has been a part of. As he said in his blog post, “Returning is a long process.” But for those who have found a spiritual home in Islam, the journey is well worth it.

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