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PTI will host a power show tomorrow in Peshawar.


Imran Khan is also sentenced to six months in jail: ex-CJ SHC

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, will speak to a crowd of people in Peshawar on Monday.

The place of the power show is close to the highway on Ring Road.

The PTI leader invited Peshawar citizens to the protest in a video message.

In an effort to put pressure on the current coalition government to call for early general elections, Pm Imran has already been organizing protests across the country.

The PTI authored a timetable last month which details this same 17 jalsas from different cities which Imran Khan will address.

The following political gatherings will start taking on Wednesday, September 7 (in Bhawalnagar), Thursday, September 8 (in Multan), Friday, September 9 (in Sheikupura), Saturday, September 10 (in Gujranwala), and Sunday, September 11 (in Quetta).

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