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Qasim Ali Shah Aspires to Run For Election on the PTI Ticket

Motivational speaker Syed Qasim announce candidacy with PTI elections.

The Gulshan Ravi district of Lahore is where Qasim Ali Shah grew up, and he declared his intention to run for office there.

Yesterday, a video of Qasim Ali Shah pleading with Imran Khan to get him a ticket quickly went popular on social media.

In the video, Imran Khan consents to give Qasim a PTI ticket to run in the elections. He said that he is seeking for good people who can lead.

While others are questioning Qasim Ali Shah’s body language. Some were concerned he might fall over from the sofa because he was sitting right on the edge.

People debated on Twitter over whether Qasim was deserving of a PTI ticket. Imran Khan was cautioned by a Twitter user to be aware of the motivational speaker since he might not be a “real” contender.

In his letter, he said that Qasim Ali “had never supported IK and PTI during difficult times and it looks like he is a supporter of neutrals.” Saying “no” to such people

While some question Qasim Ali Shah’s nonverbal cues. He was sitting so close to the edge of the sofa that some people were afraid he would slip off.



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