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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Explanation After Viral Assault Video

Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan allegedly attacked his personal employee.

Following the release of a controversial video purportedly showing Pakistani artist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan hitting a personal employee, social media is ablaze with comments.

The video has quickly gone viral on social media and provoked strong public outrage, leading to heated debates on public people’ accountability and the seriousness of the purported acts.

Rahat responded to the growing issue by making an effort to clarify the incident in a video. The artist presented Naveed Hasnain, his employee, and Naveed’s father, Nafees Ahmed, in the video message, hoping to convey that their connection is based on love and respect for one another.

“The recordings you’re viewing concern a private matter involving a teacher and student. We commend students for their efforts when they accomplish something successfully. If they make a mistake, we also penalize them,” he said in the video.

Public opinion is still extremely negative, despite Rahat’s attempts to minimize the affair as a “mentor and his pupil” disciplinary issue.

The singer’s assertion that the requested bottle in the video contains water that had been blessed by a cleric is met with suspicion from online users as well.

“Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is giving lollipops and candy to his viewers and the world after mistreating his employees.” One of his critics said on the old Twitter account, X, “He is lying also that it was Spiritual Water.”

Before calling a boycott of Rahat, the X user said, “It can be heard clearly in the video, which I shared earlier, that he was asking for a liquor bottle and began beating his employees mercilessly.”

Saying, “What a disgusting clarification by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,” another voiced similar thoughts.

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