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Remake of Pakistani drama Tere Bin in India

Famous Pakistani drama Tere Bin is being remake by renowned Indian producer Ekta Kapoor.

Popular dramas in India include Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi’s drama serial Tere Bin. It was very popular in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Since this play, Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi have gained a considerable fan base in India.

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In recent years, Pakistani dramas have gained unique popularity in India. Actors and producers from this country also seem to enjoy these productions and many Indian actresses have even said that they would like to work in Pakistani dramas.

Seeing the success of the drama, the famous Indian producer and director Ekta Kapoor has announced to remake it in her country.

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Indian media claims that Ekta Kapoor and Colors TV have teamed up to remake the drama serial Tere Bin. Ekta Kapoor has also roped in actresses Kanika Mann and Ayesha Singh for this project.

According to sources, Ekta Kapoor will keep the title of the remake drama Tere Bin. Which is scheduled to premiere on television in July this year.

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