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Sartyoon Sang Craft Exhibition 2023 will Starts On June 5th in Karachi

Sartyoon Sang Crafts Exhibition, Karachi, June 5–8, organized by SRSO.

The Sartyoon Sang Crafts Exhibition will offer a range of traditional arts and crafts to Karachi. Thousands of rural women artisans from Sindh’s several districts, including Sukkur, Kashmore-Kandhkot, Shikarpur, Larkana, Jacobabad, Khairpur, and others, are represent for these vibrant and alluring goods, According to SRSO Spokesperson Jameel Soomro

A diverse selection of Sindh handicrafts, including home textiles (made of intricate patchwork, cutwork, and embroidery), basketry, jewellery, dresses, dupattas, and shawls embellished with traditional embroidery, cutwork, an exclusive range of traditional clothing in Khaddar, Organic Dye, Self Print Cotton Fabric, and much more, will be on display.

These all items are embroidered by rural women artisans of the Sindh province.


Sindh Rural Support Organization is really a ‘Not for Profit’ company registered under Section 42 associated with continuous companies Act 2017. The corporation’s core objective is to decrease impoverishment when you look at the certain specific areas of its businesses.

It is working in the grassroots level to strengthen poor people through social mobilization and numerous interventions that could slowly assist the poor to graduate for a livelihood this is certainly sustainable.

It mainly works closely with women and also by today SRSO includes a existence in about 900,000 families across the inside 15 Districts of the businesses in Sindh Province. SRSO has actually by now trained over 110,000 people in various skills and investments as well as these over 40,000 ladies from a few of the most underdeveloped areas such as for

Example: Jacobabad, Kashmore- Kandhkot, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Qambar-Shandadkot, Khairpur, Sukkur, Larkana, Benazirabad (Nawab Shah),NaoshehroFeroze, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Badin and Thatta are trained in various vocations including traditional crafts.

The aim to facilitate much better incomes of these females remain a huge challenge given the general underdevelopment within the outlying villages and residential district shanty cities despite these instruction.

To be able to meet up with the challenge SRSO made a decision to introduce its ‘Craft Enterprise Initiative’ in 10 Districts.

The Sartyoon Sang Crafts Exhibition 2023 will Starts On June 5th in Karachi.

About Sartyoon Sang Crafts Exhibition

Sartyoon Sang meaning ‘together with friends’ was founded because of the SRSO in 2011 with all the vision to supply assistance this is certainly monetary empower both outlying people towards entrepreneurship, financial self-sufficiency and also to develop linkages involving the trained neighborhood as well as the marketplace.

SRSO’s Sartyoon Sang Craft Enterprise is dedicated to improving the everyday lives of disadvantaged artisans being ruralmostly women) by marketing their particular abilities and crafts and also to provide justified compensation with regards to their labour and skills.

The SRSO’s Enterprise has now reached out to basket weavers, rilli employees, embroidery craftswomen, potters , jewelry makers and so many more. Sartyoon Sang Crafts has actually touched a lot more than 12,000 ladies artisans developing from 10 Districts.

The Sartyoon Sang Crafts Exhibition 2023 will Starts On June 5th in Karachi.

The Sartyoon Sang products design focuses on diverse types and textures of crafts and habits which may have passed away from one generation to another of weavers and needle workers from dad to boy and mom to daughter through centuries and possess now become ageless and products that are timeless.

These handmade crafts promote the Sindhi & Pakistani Culture wherever and anytime utilized and shown. By having a view to slowly increase the market access among these females artisans, SRSO has actually connected the Sartyoon Sang Crafts using the artisan through formalized company that is tiny called the “Business Development Groups” (BDGs) in various villages of their functional areas.

You will find presently 164 BDGs with 3,500 people which can be artisan which will likely grow to about 7,000 artisan as SRSO’s area of procedure under different system increases. SRSO promotes and areas the products of those BDGs through Sartyoon Sang Crafts Enterprise.

We are trying to produce and presenting exquisite crafts being conventional blended with traditional styles with contemporary touch under rigid quality control.


The reason that is essential of and value chain is increase the overall performance of tiny businesses in Rural Sindh by creating groups or groups of skilled labor called Business Development Groups (BDGs).

Business Development team (BDG) is definitely an entity, linked to exact same crafts, same vicinity and exact same objectives. This is a mean to accomplish higher growth this is certainly financial employment, reduce impoverishment, and meet personal objectives.

A BDG of 10-60 art people is created that needs to be age bracket of 18+, have actually same abilities, located in exact same locality and prefereably member of Community Organization (CO) , Village Organization (VO) or Support Organization(LSO that is regional).


Recognition: each time a art that is brand new or village identified through various resources such as Social Mobilization Team, which can be involved in outlying Sindh then CED section has got to plan, with control of District Management of SRSO, for an preliminary trip to that particular location or town and explore out the actual crafts person (Men/Women).

Crafts persons will be subscribed like a member of crafts team; a craft’s this is certainly certain and he or she may be a member in LSO/VO/CO.

Skill Test Of Artisans: A workshop at Village degree will undoubtedly be arranged to carry out test this is certainly skill crafts-persons. The expertise and work will soon be categorized (whatever their particular skill is) based on quality, time management, costing and neatness.

The classification of skills test pieces of each understood member may be categorized as “A” (Excellent), “B” (great), “C” (Average). Skill material that is test record would be maintained at CED office and completed sheets will soon be distributed to concerned District Office. All below “C” group amount shall NOT be able becoming member of BDG.

The skill-test of present BDGs would be performed as also determine the level of expertise and category. All qualified artisans is supposed to be selected for account for the continuing business Development Group. CED can make effort to boost the skills of group “B” and Category “C” artisan at par with “A” category artisan.

Formation Of BDGs: After completion the process of Selection of Artisan centered on Skills-test, BDG development process will take place. Those craft-persons qualified in skill-test in most three categories i.e. “A”, “B”, “C” will likely to be entitled to account of BDG.

The artisans falling in “A” group shall qualify for supervisor / quality controller or Group Manager. The group are managed from a dedicated facilitator and tasks include conferences, demonstrations and skills education. The Group Manager / Supervisor / Quality Controller will jointly be chosen by BDG users and CED and Social Mobilization Teams.

A Register are going to be offered to BDG Manager along-with brands of BDG users and abilities of each and every user.

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