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Saudi Arabia Unveils World’s First 3D-Printed Mosque

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has unveiled world’s first 3D-Printed Mosque.

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has inaugurated the first mosque ever built using 3D printed technology.

The ability of 3D printing technology to convert a three-dimensional computer model into a physical object sets it apart. Unlike traditional molding and sculpting techniques, which usually waste over 90% of the raw materials, this approach, called additive manufacturing, methodically builds successive layers to make the final design.

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The world’s first mosque of its kind was built using 3D printing technology, which marks the beginning of a new age of innovation in the building and architectural industries.

This innovative project, which is in line with the lofty goals of Saudi Vision 2030, shows the enormous potential of cutting-edge technology in transforming architectural practices, boosting non-oil local content, and helping to diversify the national economy.

3D Printed Mosque Technology

Wajnat Abdulwahed, a Saudi entrepreneur, led the creative construction of a new mosque honoring her late husband.

Heading Forsan Real Estate, she oversaw the 5,600-square-meter mosque completion in just six months with the help of four state-of-the-art printers from Guanli, a well-known Chinese business that specializes in 3D printing technology.

3D Printing Mosque ceremony

In her speech, Mrs. Abdulwahed expressed her goal to bring contemporary technology to Saudi Arabia and place the nation among the leaders in its application.

The idea turned into reality with the construction of a mosque that honors her late husband’s memory, marking the first-ever use of 3D printing technology in building a mosque.

Wajnat becomes a leader in innovation and advancement by introducing 3D printing technology into Saudi Arabian mosque building.

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