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School’s Registration Canceled Humiliating Student for Speaking Urdu

The Sindh’s Directorate cancels registration of a school in Karachi.

According to the latest news, the registration canceled school is located in the North Nazimabad area where a class 5 student was allegedly humiliated for speaking Urdu.

According to records, the five-member inquiry committee has sent its findings to Sindh Minister for Education and Culture Syed Sardar Ali Shah. The committee was established after the ward’s father posted a video alleging that his son had been marked and abused for speaking Urdu in school.

According to the directorate’s report, the student named Moosa was not only insulted by a teacher but his face was also stained with black ink and he was made a laughingstock solely for speaking Urdu, Pakistan’s national language.

As a result, the directorate revoked the private school’s registration and fined the management 100,000 rupees for their negligence in allowing the incident to occur.

During the investigation, the committee interviewed the student’s parents, school principal, and classmates.

Speaking about the development, Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah stated that children cannot be forced to learn a specific language for academic purposes because learning in their mother tongue is a legal right for every child.

He also assured the children enrolled in the private school that the cancellation of school registration would have no impact on their education or progress.

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