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Secret daughter of Indian actress Vidya Balan

Mumbai: Vidya Balan has reacted to the news of her secret daughter.

Indian media recently shared a video of Vidya Balan on social media platform Instagram which was shot at an airport.

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In the trending video, Vidya Balan was seen with a little girl whom she was hugging.

The baby was spotted as Vidya’s daughter when Indian media posted a video on Instagram, leaving viewers wondering why the actress kept her daughter a secret until now.

But after watching the footage, Vidya reacted and said that the girl seen in the video is not my daughter but my niece.

According to Vidya, her sister had twins, Ira and Rohan, the girl in the video is Ira whom everyone called her daughter. Vidya told the Indian media.

It should be noted that the successful Bollywood marriage of actress Vidya and producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, who got married in December 2012.

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