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1.3 Billion Rupees Loss to Pakistan due to Internet Shutdown

PIE study: 24-hour internet outages cost Rs 1.3 B, 0.57% of daily GDP.

According to a press release issued on Sunday, the study is part of PIDE’s research infographic titled Economic Cost of Internet Outages and highlights the consequences of internet outages and loss in the Pakistan.

Internet has become a basic necessity, and yet the country’s internet lags behind both in terms of infrastructure, quality and coverage, the statement said.

The recent internet outages in various parts of the country have affected many sectors, causing considerable financial losses.

Internet outage

It said that online cab services, online food delivery services, freelancers, transport companies and postal services were all affected due to disruption in internet services.

A PIDE infographic showed that online cab services, a cornerstone of modern transportation, saw a 97 percent drop in ridership on days when the net was shut down. This significant downturn equates to a daily loss of Rs 29 to 32 million to the industry.

The freelance community, which is vital to Pakistan’s economy, has been hit hard by the internet outage.

Besides, the suspension of 3G/4G services for one day causes a loss of 450 million to the telecommunication sector PKR alone.

PIDE Vice-Chancellor Dr Nadeemul Haque said that high-quality internet access not only improves prospects for the youth. Access to online resources for educational and professional purposes can enable rural youth to compete globally.

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