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Security Alert: Facebook users Beware of Counterfeiters

Facebook users beware of counterfeiters management FB warned users.

Facebook users, careful! Beware of counterfeiters Management of social media site Facebook warns users of a new scam.

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According to the details, the use of social media is increasing worldwide.

Similarly, fraudsters have also started using social media to be active.

The leading social media platform Facebook warned its users about a new scam in which people’s personal information is stolen.

According to foreign media reports, Facebook users have been warned about a new scam.
In which people are being tricked into clicking on fake links about someone’s sudden death.

Hackers on Facebook post to trick people into writing ‘I can’t believe he’s gone, I’ll miss him so much’ and trick them into clicking on a fake link.

The report said that this link takes users to a website where all their Facebook information is stolen.

Experts say that this particular campaign started about a year ago. Since then these fraudsters have piled up hacked accounts so that other users can be easily duped.

Facebook continues to remove these unsafe posts, but the platform doesn’t react as quickly as the fakers do.

However, Facebook has largely managed to disable these misleading Facebook redirect links in the post so they are no longer active in this way.

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