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See Trailer for Highly-Anticipated Series ‘The Worst of Evil’

Buz ‘The Worst of Evil’ trailer starring Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon.

South Korean drama The Worst of Evil will air on Disney Plus in the near future. Here is what we currently know about the eagerly awaited series:


The Worst of Evil is a new South Korean streaming television series set in the 1990s, starring one of the best Korean actors in the lead roles. The show centers on undercover police agents who infiltrate a sizable gang that is in charge of the illicit drug traffic between Korea, China, and Japan.

Who’s in the cast?

  • As Park Joon-mo, Ji Chang-wook
  • a policeman who breaks into a gang to look into drug activity
  • As Jung Gi-cheol, Wi Ha-joon
  • a criminal organization’s boss
  • As Yoo Eui-jung, Im Se-mi
  • Narcotics officer Park Joon-mo’s wife
  • As Hae-ryeon, Bibi

Release Date

On September 27, 2023, the series will debut on Disney plus.


Wook will play a police officer in the gritty series who goes undercover to infiltrate Wi Ha-joon’s drug ring. The series appears to be pretty compelling, promising a blend of light gore, spectacular stunts, and the real stars of the K-drama world.

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