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Shah Rukh Khan is Not “Handsome,” Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch comments that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t a decent actor generated quite a stir online.

Mahnoor Baloch also said that he wasn’t attractive in the traditional sense as she outlined the qualities that characterize true attractiveness. Shah Rukh khan aura, according to the actress, made him look attractive despite not meeting the standards of beauty set by society.

she discussed how a person’s personality and overall aura can be inferred from their behavior as well as their outward look. Shah Rukh, in her opinion, “is a great businessman” and “knows how to market himself.” He doesn’t know acting, she continued.

Shah Rukh Khan has a really excellent personality, but if you judge him by aesthetic standards and what is deemed attractive, he doesn’t fit that description. He only looks fantastic because his aura and attitude are so strong. He possesses that quality, but there are lots of attractive persons who lack auras and go unnoticed, she commented on a talk program.

The actress continued, “In my opinion, Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t understand acting. He is a brilliant businessman and is skilled at self-promotion.

“Perhaps his supporters and people might disagree, and that’s fine. He markets himself effectively and has a positive demeanour. There are so many talented performers who lack success.

When she said that SRK wasn’t “handsome,” the internet only paid attention, and they continued to berate her online.

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