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Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Movie Trailer Release

The Trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Third Film ‘Dunki’ Release this Year.

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s third movie Dinky trailer release, this movie will be released in Indian theaters on December 22.

This year, Shah Rukh Khan’s two movie (Jawan and Pathan) have already been released, which were highly appreciated all over the world including India.

And made many records by earning billions of rupees at the box office.

While “Pathan” and “Jawan” were both action and thriller movies, Shah Rukh Khan’s new film , Dunki is thriller and full of action.

Earlier the short teaser of this Movie was released, but now the trailer of the Movie has been released.

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While releasing the trailer of the movie ‘Dunki’ Shah Rukh Khan wrote in the caption that ‘I started this story and I will finish it too, with my owl muscles.’

The story of the film is written by Rajkumar Hirani while the production is done by Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan and Rajkumar Hirani.

Trailer of Movie:

The 3-minute trailer begins with Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue, the actor says, ‘The story began in 1995 when I stepped into Lalto village, where I met 4 idiot friends who wanted to go to London.

Shah Rukh Khan also introduced his four friends in his dialogue, he said that Bali cuts hair, Bigo sells pajamas, Sukhi (Vicky Kaushal) is fond of speaking English, Manu (Taapsee Pannu) is my friend.

Vicky Kaushal and Shah Rukh Khan are adamant about going abroad without learning English, justifying that the British ruled India for a century without even knowing Hindi.

Later in the teaser, Shah Rukh Khan and his friend are seen crossing the border and getting into a fight with the soldiers.

However, at the end of the trailer, surprisingly, Shahrukh is seen as an old man after 25 years.

Story of Movie

Last year, Shah Rukh Khan while talking about his upcoming film Dunki said that it is a comedy film.

Rajkumar Hirani’s films are always full of comedy, the actors of the film travel from different countries of the world and come back to their own country.

It is the story of 5 friends living in Punjab who hope to work in London, these friends include Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and two other actors.

Katrina Kaif’s husband Vicky Kaushal has played the role of ‘Sukhi’, Taapsee Pannu has played the role of ‘Manu’ and Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of ‘Hardy’.

Shah Rukh Khan promises to help his friends reach London in any way possible.

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