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Some new features are going to be introduced in WhatsApp

WhatsApp testing new features in beta version; roll out to users soon.

The Android beta version of WhatsApp now includes some brand new features. Lockchat is one of these capabilities, while text formatting facility for messages is another.

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It should be noted that a function called Chat Lock was released in May, through which users can save various chats in a folder and access them by unlocking their phone.

Meta is currently expanding this feature and includes a secret code, WaBetainfo said. The feature is currently being tested in beta version and will be made available to all users soon.

With the secret code function, users will be able to increase the security of their locked chats. With phone unlocking techniques, they will be able to encrypt these discussions.

Text formatting tools are another feature that enables users to better craft their communications. Code blocks, lists, and quote blocks are some of these new tools.

Previously, tools such as bold, italic, and strikethrough could be used to enhance the text of the communication, but now new tools are being added.

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