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Japan Introduced the Flying Dragon Robot to Combat Fires

As Science Progresses Now Developed Flying Fire Fighting Dragon Robot.

Robots are Becoming more and more Integrated into our Daily Lives, Flying Dragon Robot, has been made to Deal with Fire.

As science advances, the involvement of robots is increasing.

Now the robots will also be brought to fire fighting, for this Japan has developed a flying villa fire fighting dragon robot.

According to foreign media, this modern flying dragon robotic system has been jointly developed by scientists from Japan’s Osaka University and Akita Perfect University.

In which two four-mouthed propulsion units are mounted on its two ends.

Both of these systems work like an aquatic quadcopter, with valves and swivels in each nozzle controlling the direction of water flow and thrust.

This enables it to take off, balance and steer like a normal drone.

This fire fighting hose has the ability to fly in different directions using its own water pressure to extinguish the fire.

The water flow at a rate of 6.6 liters per second gives a pressure of up to 1 megapascal, which is enough to lift the hose up to two meters from the ground.

The 4-meter-long Fly Dragon is attached to a small control station trolley where an operator stands and flies the drone.

The operator monitors the situation using regular and thermal vision cameras mounted on the dragon’s head and ensures that water is sprayed where it is most needed.

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