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Suicide Explosion in Turkish Capital Injures 2 Policemen

An explosion near Turkey’s parliament left 2 police officers injured.

Two “terrorists” detonated a device in front of the ministry buildings in Ankara, according to Turkey’s interior minister, who added that one of them perished in the explosion while the other was “neutralized” by law enforcement.

An explosion was reportedly heard early one morning in the center of Ankara close to the parliament and ministry buildings, according to Turkish media.

The minister, Ali Yerlikaya, said on the social networking website X that the 9:30 AM incident left two police officers with minor injuries.

“A bomb attack was carried out by two terrorists who arrived in a light commercial vehicle in front of the General Directorate of Security gate. Ali Yerlikaya: “One of the terrorists committed suicide by explosion.

Police troops tightened security in the vicinity after an explosion and gunshots were heard close to the ministry building in Kizilay, the main city hub of the capital.

Due to the explosion next to one of the Grand National Assembly’s gates, which will open in the afternoon following a three-month sabbatical, the main Ataturk Boulevard was closed to traffic.

Additionally, special operations police were sent to the area. Additionally present are the fire department and medical personnel. The attack occurs while Turkish officials are pursuing ISIS members in operations.

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