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Tapeworm Found in Brain of American Citizen who Eat Raw Meat

Doctors found tapeworm in brain of American citizen who ate raw meat.

After brain tapeworm was found, the patient was treated with anthelmintics and dewormers and recovered.

The American Journal of Case Reports reported the case of a 52-year-old man who had been experiencing migraine headaches for several weeks. The headaches were very severe and medication did not help.

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According to a report published in a medical journal, the man lived with his wife and cat and usually liked to eat meat that was not fully cooked.

After complaining of migraines for several weeks, she checked into a hospital in Florida where doctors discovered multiple fluid-filled spaces in her brain on a CT scan.

At that time, the experts felt that it was a congenital abnormality, after which the patient was admitted to the hospital.

There, during a detailed examination, a tapeworm was discovered in the brain, which was causing him to suffer from cerebral palsy.

The researchers said that we believe that this tapeworm may have entered the body and reached the brain due to the habit of eating raw meat.

Generally, warm tape eggs in food reach the stomach, especially if the meat is not well cooked, this risk increases.

After reaching the body, these eggs take the form of larvae and also reach the brain.

This disorder is called neurocysticercosis in medical language and the severity of the symptoms depends on the number of parasites in the brain and how strong the body’s immune system is.

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