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Temperature Falls Below 0°C in Sindh For the First Time in Years

Post-wet spell, severe cold wave hit Pak, causing drastic temperature.

According to Pak Weather, the largest automated network of weather stations in Pakistan, Sindh experienced its first below-freezing night in a number of years last night. Last night, Moro, a city in Naushahro Feroze, registered a temperature of -2.7°C.

The lowest Temperature ever recorded in Sindh

Owais Hyder, a weather analyst and the CEO of Pak Weather, stated in an interview with ProPakistani that although this isn’t the lowest temperature ever recorded in Sindh, it is still seen as a noteworthy low for the province because temperatures haven’t been this low in a number of years. The 2006 Mohen-Jo-Daro temperature of -5.4°C is the lowest ever recorded for Sindh.

To be clear, he continued, the Gorakh Hills in Sindh are referred to as the “Murree of Sindh” since the hill station experiences subzero temperatures and snowfall during the winter.

Authorities, however, have not kept track of its temperatures over time because a meteorological observatory is not present there.

As a result, Owais stated, Mohen-Jo-temperature Daro’s of -5.4°C is regarded as the lowest in the province.

Meanwhile, the extreme cold wave is also affecting other regions of the province.

Additionally, Karachi is experiencing its coldest winter in decades. The provincial capital has frequently seen temperature records throughout this season.

After experiencing the coldest night of the winter on Saturday, Karachi awoke. claimed that last night, the temperature in Malir Cantt fell to 1.4°C.

Please be aware that this winter’s temperatures in Karachi are the only ones to break records. In Karachi, 0°C was the lowest temperature ever recorded in 1934.


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