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The shameful revelation of deaths caused by drinking Indian syrup

Uzbek child deaths linked to Indian cough syrup spark investigations.

The CEO of an Indian pharmaceutical business added harmful substances to cough syrup to boost profits, an Uzbek prosecutor testified in court during a case involving child deaths.

The CEO of an Indian company paid $33,000 in bribes to import cough syrup to Uzbekistan, and even waived quality tests, according to prosecutors who charged the company’s CEO, Singh Raghavendr, with bribery.

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He claimed that the Indian corporation had also inflated the price of syrup to evade taxes.

It should be noted that in December 2022, 21 people, including 20 Uzbeks and one Indian, were under investigation in the case of the death of 65 children due to the use of Indian cough medicine in Uzbekistan.

Two Uzbek officials of Curamax, a business selling Indian cough medicine in Uzbekistan, and representatives of Indian company Marion Biotech are both involved in the investigation.

The license of the Indian corporation has been suspended by the US, European Union and several other countries after the controversy surrounding the deaths of children from the indian cough syrup.

Last year, 89 children died in Gambia and Uzbekistan from cough syrup made in India, and a single cough syrup also killed a child in Camroon.

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