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Pakistan Launch its First Satellite Moon Mission Today

Pakistan first satellite mission, iCube-Q, will be sent to moon.

Pakistan will launch the historic satellite mission named  iCube-Q at 12:50 PM. China’s Henan Space Launch Site is where the iCube-Q will depart for its lunar journey.

Live coverage of  iCube-Q Qamar satellite launch will be available on the website.

According to Dr Khurram Khurshid, a member of the Core Committee Institute of Space, if the mission is successful, Pakistan will become the sixth country in history to reach the moon. The iCube-Q mission is attached to Chang’e 6.

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He claimed that there are two cameras installed in iCube Qamar to take important pictures from the lunar south pole. This device is made in collaboration with China and Sparco.

Pakistan will be greatly impacted by China’s moon mission since it will also carry the IST-developed CubeSat satellite, iCube-Q.

These tiny satellites are primarily built in the form of cubes and are made up of modular parts that must fit together precisely within predetermined dimensions.

They only weigh a few kilograms, and their main function is to support space exploration-related scientific research and educational programs.

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