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Women Publicly Threaten Motorway Police, Watch Viral Video

Chakwal: video of two women threaten Motorway Police has gone viral.

The video of two women abusing and threaten the Motorway police officers went viral on social media, the women who abused and threatened the police officers in general accused the police officers of injuring a woman.

In the viral video, the two women can be seen abusing and misbehaving with the motorway policemen.

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Women were heard alleging that motorway officials allegedly injured a woman while trying to “grab” her mobile phone, with one woman alleging that a motorway policeman demanded a bribe from her.

Meanwhile, the Motorway Police has released a statement saying that its officers stopped the women “for speeding” near Kallar Kahar town in Punjab’s Chakwal district.

The woman was driving very recklessly and at high speed, when she was stopped, the women abused and threatened the motorway police officials.

Police said the women refused to move their vehicle off the road, blocked the motorway and continued to misbehave.

Later both the women escaped from the spot without paying the fine, the police is taking legal action against those who violated the law.

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