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TikTok Star ‘Dolly’ Faces Tax Debt of Rs 10.6 Million

TikTok star Dolly, revealed as tax defaulter with 10.6 M rupee debt.

TikTok star Dolly bank account has been frozen by the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) as a result of her tardiness in paying the substantial tax bill.

Dolly, a prominent figure on TikTok, is currently in a legal dispute with the government because of her unpaid taxes.

The PRA, working on behalf of the government, seized her account and successfully recovered Rs 4.4 million as the initial step in reclaiming the unpaid tax amount.

It is evident from the PRA’s statements that they will not give up on freezing her bank account.

Authorities will likely take further actions to recover the outstanding tax bill, including possible property seizures and freezing of accounts. The authorities are making every effort to ensure that taxpayers comply with tax laws.

It has come to light that authorities sent several letters to Dolly, urging her to settle her tax debt, but she consistently ignored the payment deadlines. Her persistent failure to make payments led to the freezing of her account.

Dolly, who is well-known for her imaginative and enjoyable TikTok videos, has said nothing about the shocking discovery.

The TikTok celebrity has not yet released a formal comment or response on the tax default situation.

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