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Torrential Rains Wreak Havoc in Tanzania, Killing 155

Dodoma: 155 people died as a result of torrential rains in Tanzania.

According to the foreign news agency, more than 51 thousand houses and more than 200,000 people were affected due to torrential rains, floods and landslides in Tanzania.

Due to the recent rains, 155 people, including children, elderly and women, have died in various accidents and incidents. The Prime Minister of Tanzania confirmed the devastation caused by the recent rains.

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As a result of the rains across the country, more than 236 people were also injured.

Also, parliament in Tanzania’s capital, Dodoma, was told that heavy rains accompanied by strong winds, floods and landslides have caused a lot of damage in different parts of the country.

It should be noted that Tanzania and other countries in East Africa are extremely vulnerable to climate change and have been hit by more than normal rain during the current rainy season, with dozens of deaths reported in Kenya.

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