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Trump Shares His Opinion on Taylor Swift’s Dating Life

Donald Trump comments on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship.

During an interview, Trump conveyed his well wishes to the celebrity couple, saying, “I extend my best wishes to both of them. I hope they find happiness in their lives, whether together or apart though it’s probably more likely they won’t be together.”

Considering the turbulent history between the former president and Taylor Swift, some people might be surprised by Trump’s well-wishes. She has been a strong opponent of Trump while he has been in office and has also charged him with interference in the 2020 election.

Prior to that, in 2018, Trump had made a remark regarding Taylor Swift’s political opinions of Senator Marsha Blackburn, saying, “I’m sure Taylor Swift has nothing or doesn’t know anything about her. Okay, so let’s assume that I now like Taylor’s songs roughly 25% less.”

Swift and Kelce are divisive personalities in some political circles due to Swift’s outspoken opposition to Trump and support for abortion rights, as well as Kelce’s participation in coronavirus vaccination advertisements and his decision to stand during the national anthem.

The fact that “These two have fan bases that are huge and devoted,” as Reilly noted, might help mobilize millions of votes.

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