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Twitter allows publish to charge users to read article

Twitter plans to let media publish charge users for one-click article.

Elon Musk announces new pay-per-article feature on Twitter:

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter will introduce a new feature allowing media publish to charge users on a pay-per-article basis with a single click. The feature will enable occasional readers to access articles without committing to monthly subscriptions. The plan is set to begin next month, but no specific details regarding pricing or Twitter’s commission have been released.

However, the proposal has raised questions about how micro-payment systems can be profitable for media organizations.

The plan will allow occasional readers to pay higher prices for articles:

The introduction of this feature comes as Twitter, like many media organizations, has struggled to generate profits amidst controversy. While publishers have considered the pay-per-article model, many have failed to make it work.

Critics question the feasibility of the micro-payment approach:

Critics have raised concerns that readers may choose to click away when encountering a paywall, and that publishers prefer to focus on full-time subscribers who generate more significant advertising revenue. Furthermore, it remains unclear whether authors will receive any profits from the sale of their articles.

Others welcome the opportunity for more flexible access to news:

However, some Twitter users have welcomed the feature, stating that it would provide more flexible access to news. Others, such as author Greg Autry, have praised the move, suggesting that the current system can be frustrating for writers whose work is frequently hidden behind paywalls. However, questions remain about how effective the micro-payment approach will be for media organizations.

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