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Two daughters spend a year with their mother corpse in India

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, two daughters were arrested after spending a year at home with their mother dead body.

According to Indian media reports, two sisters, 27-year-old Pallavi Tripathi and 18-year-old Vishuk Tripathi, were detained by the police from a house in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and the body of their mother, who was one year old, was recovered.

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Police have identified the deceased woman as 52-year-old Usha Tripathi. She died in December 2022 after a long illness, but her daughters did not perform the last rites and were living with her body.

According to the police, the two sisters did not come out of the house for fifteen days, on which the neighbors got suspicious and reported to the police station. Both sisters were partially unconscious when they reached home.

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Later, the body was shifted for forensics and the police sent the two sisters to the hospital for physical and psychological examination.

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