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Two more senior leaders left PTI

Sunday’s resignation of 2 more PTI leaders was a major blow to Party.

Finally the two more senior PTI leaders, one being Usman Tarkai from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the other party president for Karachi, Aftab Hussain Siddiqui, announced on Sunday that they would not join the country-wide protests since the arrest of party chairman Imran Khan on May 9.

They are leaving the party protesting against the vandalism. However this is a major setback for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI. Obviously they were the important leaders of party.

The resignations come as other opposition party leaders announced their intention to leave the organisation, citing the PTI’s opposition to the country’s armed forces as the reason for their decision.

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Aftab Siddiqui announcing his decision in a video message said that he has distanced himself from politics as well.

However, The former president of PTI Karachi announced in a video message that he has quit politics and resigned from all posts including the post of president of PTI Karachi and the seat of the National Assembly.

Service to the nation

The former PTI leader claimed that as a businessman now he wants to serve the nation in a different way. He chanted Pakistan Zindabad to signal a break with PTI leader Imran Khan and announced that he was no longer involved in politics.

Usman Tarakai, who was elected to represent Swabi in the National Assembly, also announced his intention to quit the PTI in light of the May 9 events.

He announced that he was resigning from the core membership of the party.

Furthermore Osman Tarakai said that what happened on May 9 was an insult to the martyrs’ memorial. I belong to the same village where Capt. Col. Sher Khan was welcomed, and we even held a rally in his honor.

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