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UAE’s new Immigration laws come into effect today.

The Visa is new to the UAE, effectiveness from today (3 October 2022).

Including extended tourist visas, long-term residency for professionals, and improved access to the 10-year golden visa, which will come into effect from today (3 October 2022).

The development comes after the UAE government approved these rules this year in April.

According to the details, golden visa holders who are staying outside the UAE will not have their permits annulled.

while visitors who cancel their residency visas will allowed to stay in the country for six months rather than one month.


The revised visa/Immigration rules also include a normal entrance that is 60-day over the usual 30 days, along with a five-year multi-entry tourist visa enabling visitors to stay in the UAE for a consecutive 90 days.

The Government of the UAE will also launch a five-year visa that is green freelancers, skilled workers, and investors, which will empower them to sponsor themselves without acquiring assistance from UAE nationals or their employers.

Moreover, the parents will also be able to sponsor their male children between the age of 19-25 to attend school or university in the country in line with the visa that is new.

Under the golden visa project, skilled professionals with minimum salaries of $8,000 (AED 30,000) per month will conveniently acquire a visa that is 10 years.

In addition, golden visa holders will have 100 percent ownership of their businesses.

The permits of those with golden visas who remain outside of the nation will not be revoked.

Visitors who cancel their resident visas will have a grace period of six months during which they may remain in the nation. The previous grace period for guests was only one month.



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