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US and China Discuss Global Issues and Defense Relations

WASHINGTON: US & China discuss global issues & defense Relations.

US and China Discuss Global Issues and Defense Relations. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterpart Dong Jun spoke via video teleconference on Tuesday, according to the Pentagon. The defense secretaries of the two countries held discussions on global issues and defense ties for the first time after almost a year and a half.

To counter China’s increasing influence in the Asia-Pacific area, the United States has been striving to strengthen defense cooperation with its allies. However, to keep tensions from getting out of hand, the US also wants to keep lines of communication open with Beijing.

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The Pentagon stated in a statement that “the two officials discussed US-PRC defense relations and regional and global security issues,” referring to China.

Following earlier discussions, “Secretary Austin stressed the significance of maintaining open channels of military-to-military communication between the United States and the PRC,” according to the statement.

Austin also “emphasized the significance of upholding the freedom of navigation in the high seas, as assured by international law, particularly in the South China Sea,” and “reaffirmed that the United States will persist in flying, sailing, and operating — safely and responsibly — in areas permitted by international law.”

Austin’s most recent major exchange with a Chinese counterpart took place in Cambodia in November 2022.

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