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US Releases Video Russian Fighter Jet Crash into Drone Over Black Sea

US Department of Defense releases footage of a Russian fighter jet.

Pentagon confirms Russian jet caused damage to large drone in international airspace:

The US Department of Defense has released footage of a Russian fighter jet colliding with one of its drones over the Black Sea on Tuesday. The video appears to show a Russian SU-27 making two close passes over the drone, releasing what appears to be fuel, and then colliding with it on the second pass. The US says the drone was being operated in international airspace, while Russia claims the drone was approaching its territory.

The collision caused damage to the drone’s propeller and the aircraft had to be brought down into the water near Ukraine. The Pentagon has called Russia’s actions “dangerous and reckless” and has accused Russian jets of dumping fuel on the drone several times before the collision. The US also claims the Russian aircraft was likely damaged as a result of the collision.

The release of the video is seen as an effort by the US to verify its version of events and assert its control over the situation. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has expressed confidence in the facts conveyed so far and has stated that the Pentagon is looking at what other video footage can be released.

Russia has denied its SU-27 jet was responsible for the collision, claiming the drone was flying with its transponders turned off. The Kremlin has not yet responded to the release of the US video. Russian ships were seen at the site of the downed drone on the Black Sea on Thursday, according to US media reports.

The incident has raised tensions between the US and Russia, adding to an already strained relationship between the two countries. It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved and what impact it will have on future interactions between the two nations.

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