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US Supports Pakistan’s Right To Defend Itself From Terrorism

US Supports Pakistan's Right To Defend Itself From Terrorism

US declare Pakistan right to self-defense against scourge of terrorism

After Economy Minister Rana Sanaullah threatened to strike Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) strongholds within Afghanistan if action against them was not done, the US support Pakistan to secure itself from terrorism.

As claimed by the foreign minister in a conversation with a Pakistani TV channel,

“Islamabad may strike the TTP in Afghanistan if Kabul doesn’t quite take steps to evacuate them”

The National Security Committee (NSC), led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, also determined on Monday that no entity will be authorized to offer sanctuary and assist terrorists, and Pakistan retains all privileges to defend its citizens.

Since the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an illegal entity, broke its November armistice with the government, there has been an increase in terrorist activity in Pakistan, notably over the past several months.

Ned Price, a spokesman for the US State Department, responded to Pakistan’s pledge against terrorism by saying that his nation is very well aware of the NSC statement.


“Terrorist assaults have caused great anguish for the people of Pakistan”

Pakistan is entitled to self-defense against terrorists Price stated during a weekly Washington press conference.

As per him, the US calls on the Taliban to keep their word to ensure that Afghan soil is never once again exploited as a staging point for global terrorist assaults.

The spokesman observed,

“These are some of the very obligations that the Taliban have been unable or unwilling to fulfill to date”

“The Taliban have pledged loyalty to the world community. However, what is more, essential is that they have committed to the Afghan people. These are the obligations that matter most to us. A concentration on human rights is one of the assurances the Taliban have made but have often violated when it pertains to their own people “He was agitate.

The spokesperson for the State Department stated, “We will act in a way that both demonstrates our categorical condemnation and preserves our support for the Afghan people as long as the Taliban is unable to uphold these obligations. And we’ll take enormous care to avoid doing anything that would put the Afghan people’s humanitarian sovereignty in even more jeopardy.”

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