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Viewers Focus on Alyy Khan and Kajol Steamy Scene

Bollywood star Kajol appears in the new Indian web series “The Trial.”

The scene between the kajol and Pakistani actor Alyy Khan has gone viral online.

Alyy Khan most recently participated in the Indian web series The Trial, which is modelled on the American drama “The Good Wife” and stars Kajol as the main character.

Alyy and Kajol share a passionate scene in the series where both of their characters share a kiss. This scene has gone popular on social media. Before, Humayun Saeed made headlines for his viral kissing scene in Netflix’s “The Crown.”

The British Pakistani actor has played a variety of characters throughout his career, and audiences have always praised the nuance he adds to them. Alyy Khan knows how to shine and has always been able to draw the viewer’s attention to his characters in films like Don 2 and Mere Humsafar.

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