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Is the Engagement of Alishbah Anjum and Affan Malik Broken?

TikTokers Alishbah Anjum and Affan Malik broke engagement last year.

September last year saw the couple’s lavishly planned and romantic engagement. Alishbah Anjum’s engagement with Affan Malik has ended. Initially it was just a rumor which Affan Malik also confirmed.

Affan Malik recently told his fans about his engagement to Alishbah Anjum and revealed that their engagement is over.

Affan said “yes” when a fan asked in a recent post, “Is your engagement over?” Additionally, each person removed the other’s photos from their profiles.

Affan Malik has told his fans about Alishbah Anjum’s engagement, but he has not answered any queries about it.

Alishbah Anjum, a Tiktok user, model, and social media influencer, hails from Faisalabad. Sahar Mirza, one of his sisters, and Jannat Mirza, a well-known tik toker, are his other sisters.

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