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Vijay Varma Reveals Reason for Playing Villain in Dahaad and Darlings

However, Vijay Varma now believes he must quit playing such character.

Vijay Varma has now explained why he chose to play dark, nasty characters in ‘Dahaad‘ and ‘Darlings,’ which has led to him becoming known for playing villains.

“One can say that, but I’m not worried about the typecasting bug because I choose what I want to do,” Varma said in a Times Now interview. I decided to read Dahaad and Darlings back-to-back since I thought they were both really interesting tales.

These two characters stood out as being highly different and distinct, at least to me. I instance, Hamza in Darlings is an alcoholic and an abusive spouse, while Anand Swarnakar is a textbook psychopath. They also possess highly distinctive characteristics and traits.

“As a result, I don’t think these people are alike. However, these characters’ general tones are grim. I believe that while I was a member of the Dahaad, I was at my most sinister or evil. I believe I should quit right here and move on to something else. When I reach the pinnacle of evilness, I should cease right away.

While all is going on, Vijay Varma has intriguing films like The Devotion of Suspect X, Lust Stories 2, and Mirzapur 3 in the works.

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