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What did Humayun Saeed Say About Salahuddin Ayubi Serial?

Humayun Saeed: Top actor, producer of Salahuddin Ayubi with Turkey.

Recently, Pakistani actor and producer Humayun Saeed talked about his upcoming, epic historical drama Salahuddin Ayubi. This TV show is jointly produced by Pakistan and Turkey.

Dr. Junaid Ali Shah, Adnan Siddiqui, Dr. Kashif Ansari, Ahmed Farooq Bakak, and Humayun Saeed are the producers of the project.

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In the beginning, people gave a lot of news about Salahuddin Ayubi, he got a lot of talk, talking about the serial late Humayun Saeed said why people are so worried when they don’t know anything about him.

However, the shooting of this drama is going to start soon and it will go on air in five to six months.

The Salahuddin Ayubi set is great and huge, and I believe this is Pakistan’s biggest partnership with any other industry or foreign media.

A few Pakistani actors are also working on the sets so that people can recognize that this is a Pakistani collaboration.

Can’t say anything about acting in a drama due to the language barrier, it’s being shot in Turkish, so maybe I’ll do a short role. In Pakistan, it will go on air after a year but in Turkey, it will go on air in six months.

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