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What is form 45 for election and what is its importance?

It is very important to know the importance of Form 45 for Pakistan Election 2024.

Election 2024 is just a few hours away, for which the Election Commission has also issued guidelines for Form 45, which includes the voting protocol.

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Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja has issued relevant instructions regarding the general elections of 2024. On February 8, the Returning and Presiding Officers are requested to ensure that Form 45 is available.

According to Sikandar Sultan Raja, Form 45 will be handed over to the Returning Officers in a very secure manner. Officers violating this Form 45 guidelines will face strict consequences.

What is Form 45?

Form 45, also known as “result of counting”, is a document that contains information about the total votes cast for each candidate, the name of the constituency, the polling station number, and the number of registered voters.

Each constituency candidate can obtain Form 45 from the polling station and use this form to count the votes.

Other Important Forms

Forms 46, 47, 48, and 49 are additional forms used by the Election Commission in preparing election results.

Form 46 is used to get information about the number of ballots received from polling stations, the number of ballots removed from voting booths and illegal results.

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Similarly, Form 47 is used to get details about the unofficial results of the constituency, including the total number of votes cast and voided.

Form 48, which records the total number of votes cast for each candidate in the constituency, is the most important form in the election process. Apart from this, Form 49 includes details regarding the names of the candidates and the number of votes they got.

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