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What’s Going On Between Iqrar ul Hassan and Pir Haq Khatteb?

Ongoing feud between Iqrar ul Hassan & Pir Haq Khatteb has escalated.

The public’s attention has been drawn to the continuous conflict between Pir Haq Khatteb and Iqrar ul Hassan, which has reached heights. What was once just a disagreement has become a show of legal threats, defiant confrontations, and challenges.

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The video of private TV channel ARY News’ well-known TV host Iqrar ul Hassan debating Peer of Balawara Shareef Haq Khateeb Hussain Ali Badshah is going viral on social media websites.

Several of these videos have been released by Iqrar ul Hassan himself on his social media accounts, in the caption of which he has claimed to expose Haq Khatib’s lies.

Iqrar ul Hassan had released a video on his YouTube channel before going to Haq Khatteb Astana, in which he said that he is taking many sick and disabled people with him to Astana so that Haq Khatteb would be able to take care of him with a single breath. Can make them stand on their feet.

Iqar-ul-Hassan, while issuing a message on ‘X’, said that despite the passage of many hours, Haq Khatteb has not come to meet him and meanwhile the clash with his devotees continues.

In the next post, Iqrar said that ‘He and his team have been taken hostage and mobile. The cameras have been stopped from going live.

Iqrar then shared a YouTube video link with Iqrar ul Hassan and his team clashing with the followers of Haq Khatteb and debating with Haq Mureed.

Haq Khatteb:

Iqar ul-Hassan wrote that ‘while being held hostage for four hours, we had a question to recite a verse in which Haq Khatteb failed.

He continued to provoke people by hiding under the guise of the end of Prophethood. Not for me, play your part for the origin of religion, otherwise this temptation will go out of control’.

In other videos released by Iqrar, Haq Khatib can be heard saying to Iqrar ul-Hassan that ‘these miracles happen like other scholars had’. In the same video, Haq Khatteb can also be heard taking wrong names of other scholars.

While releasing another video, Iqrar ul Hassan wrote that ‘Haq Khatteb refused to obey Shariah.

Haq Khatteb also admitted that I do not know how to read Quran, I can only read Bismillah. The fake agent also admitted that I am not a saint.

It should be noted that Haq Khatteb claims that there is healing in his breath and that he heals the sick and disabled with a single breath and as proof of this, he has released several videos on social media.

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