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WhatsApp will Introduce Secret Code for Locked Chats

WhatsApp web will introduce new feature secret code for private chats.

WhatsApp will introduce “secret code” for Private chats, as well as preparing to strengthen the security of its web client. The new feature is called “Secret Code “, which aims to enhance the privacy of locked chats.

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The feature, which is currently in development, adds an extra layer of security to private conversations and requires users to provide a passcode to access restricted conversations.

The upcoming update follows the recent rollout of Chat Lock in Web Beta, enhancing privacy and security measures on the WhatsApp web platform.

According to a screenshot WABetaInfo posted, the secret code function is expected to have a big impact on user security and privacy.

It guarantees that even in the event that users forget to log out, private discussions will remain unreadable without the secret code.

In shared or public computing situations, like cybercafés, where unwanted access may be a concern, this extra layer of security is very helpful.

WhatsApp will Introduce a Secret Code for Private Chats

The addition of this feature also serves customers who operate in circumstances where numerous people access a single computer or who share desktop devices.

WhatsApp eventually wants to add the secret code function to every device so that security is improved wherever WhatsApp is available.

Future updates will provide information on when this feature will be released. WhatsApp is also updating its web client interface, including improvements to the dark theme and navigation tabs, to provide a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Additionally, in order to comply with EU rules, the platform is testing out a number of new features in its mobile editions, including a restructured status tab, a file-sharing capability akin to Android Quick Share, and a cross-platform messaging option.

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