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Wikipedia Banned for 48hrs

PTA has taken action against Wikipedia services in an unexpected move.

The action against Wikipedia is handle by arguing that the encyclopedia hasn’t given cultural sensitivities enough thought.

The action has trigger a discussion about internet censorship and how cultural norms influence what is post online.

The authorities state in a statement that “PTA has downgrade Wikipedia services in the nation due to not blocking/removing sacrilegious contents.”

A Twitter user responded to a PTA message by saying, “With a little work, you can block the offending articles yourself on Wikipedia instead of ruining the full service.”

Another individual criticized the tragedy of a library burning down because of one unpleasant book.

When asked to prohibit or remove the requested content, Wikipedia sent a notice in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and a court order (s).

A chance for a hearing was also offered; however, according to the statement, neither the platform obliged by removing the blasphemous content nor did it show up in front of the authority.

Due to the platform’s willful failure, Wikipedia’s services have been reduce for 48 hours, and the reported contents are to be block or remove. If this condition is not met, the platform will be prohibit inside Pakistan.

Social media and internet users are apprehensive of this decision and what it may mean for the future of online freedom in Pakistan as the dispute develops.

Another Twitter user retort, “Blocking access to Wikipedia is not the solution to limiting access to potentially harmful or improper stuff online.

A better strategy is to encourage appropriate online behavior and promote digital literacy.

The free flow of information and education is constrain when access to a site like Wikipedia, which offers access to a wealth of reliable material, is restrict, he concludes.

As per Noman Ahmed States, CEO of SI Global Solutions, “Wikipedia is tremendously important and is a vast collection of information and expertise.

It is typically regard as a trustworthy source of information that is support by references and pertinent bibliography.

He continues, “The PTA has a history of shutting down websites when profane content is posted, as is obvious from the protract YouTube ban and the periodic shutdowns and monitoring of TikTok.

As an alternative, restrictions may be imposed on these websites and alerts may be sent out to address such problems diplomatically.

It is not advisable to outlaw Wikipedia because it is essential to society’s operation

Therefore, rather than blocking the entire website, the government and its cyber-security department should prohibit access to links containing offensive content, Ahmed added.

The authority said in a statement that the reinstatement of Wikipedia’s services will be consider after barring or removing the alleged illegal information.

It also stated that PTA is commit to maintaining a safe online experience for all Pakistani people in accordance with local laws.

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