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Windows 11 Introduces AI-Enhanced Desktop Moving Wallpapers

An AI-powered feature will revamp the Windows 11’s desktop look soon.

Internal materials found by Windows Latest give us reason to assume that desktop for users could soon include a feature resembling a “live wallpaper.” As your pointer wanders across the screen, the wallpaper will appear to be “popping out” of the screen, and its appearance will alter in accordance with the cursor’s movement.

Windows Latest also suggests the possibility of adding a “parallax effect” to the desktop background, which would cause the wallpaper to move more slowly in the background than the windows and apps that are on top. This would create the appearance of depth and make your background appear more immersive.

Since the success of the updated and enhanced Bing, Microsoft has been making a lot of effort to integrate artificial intelligence into its products. It appears that eventually, AI will be included into every aspect of Microsoft’s products.

Since AI-powered wallpapers are most likely only going to be available on machines that can support the movement detection required to produce the intended effect, we might first notice the functionality on newer, more powerful PCs.

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