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Woman set World Record by Spending 33 Days with Scorpions

Kanchana Catkio sets 2009 world record: 33 days with 5,320 scorpions.

Forty-nine-year-old woman Kanchana Ketkiyo broke the previous record of longest stay with scorpions, which was achieved in one day in 2002.

Several scorpions were born inside the room, while several scorpions died each day.During the record-breaking effort, two batches of 1,000 additional scorpions were added.

We no longer maintain records of these deaths due to animal welfare concerns.

Kanchana was stung by scorpions a total of 13 times, but due to long-term immunity, the effects of the venom were minimal.

Kanchana’s ceremony was recorded at the Royal Garden Plaza shopping mall in the city, where many tourists and members of the media gathered to watch.

His glass room had a television, a bed, books and a fridge. She fed the scorpions raw eggs and ground pork every day.

Only once every eight hours was she allowed a 15-minute bathroom break.

Kanchana experienced many highs and lows during the 33-day experiment, at one point she cried.

According to Ripley’s correspondent Sompuran Naxotrong, Kanchana Katkiyo was overjoyed when she came out of the room at the end of her recording.

Responding to questions from the assembled media, Kanchana said, “It is very difficult, but I tried because I have received a lot of support from Thai and foreign tourists in the last 33 days.”

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