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World Bank Approved $213m Flood-Affected Communities

World Bank grants $213 million for Balochistan flood recovery program.

Najy Benhassine, the World Bank Country Director for Pakistan, said, “We will be working closely with the Government of Balochistan to support the affected communities by providing livelihood support and restoring irrigation and flood protection infrastructures”.

This would not only assist in restoring livelihoods but also safeguard the populace by enhancing their resistance to future natural catastrophes and climate-related crises.

The complete post-flood rehabilitation and resilient-reconstruction program that was agreed upon with the authorities includes this project.

According to a statement made by the international lender. The Integrated Flood Resilience and Adaptation Project (IFRAP) will offer housing reconstruction grants to about 35,100 homeowners.

However, They can rebuild their homes in accordance with resilience standards and livelihood grants to smallholder farmers.

They can support livestock, encourage climate-smart agriculture, and engage in other productive activities.

According to Yoro Sidibe, a senior water specialist at the World Bank, “Balochistan is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters due to its geographical location, socioeconomic background, and climate change.”

“This initiative will provide social inclusion while assisting in the creation of economic prospects for the affected communities. Additionally, it will increase institutional capacity for disaster preparedness and response.

Total of 2.7 million individuals in a few localities in Balochistan’s calamity-declared regions will profit from the project. Combining resilient protective infrastructure with improved early warning systems and ensuring that women have access to this system and disaster risk management information, it will reduce the likelihood of flooding.

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