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World’s Largest Professional Network LinkedIn Introduced Games

Professional Network LinkedIn now introduced three real online games.

Professional Network LinkedIn is primarily a business-oriented social media platform, it is now launching three original online games. Following the style of well-liked games such as Wordle, Connections, and others from The New York Times, LinkedIn introduced three new games on May 1 that users can play once a day.

Users can play the LinkedIn games, Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens, with or against other users who have first-degree connections—that is, those who have accepted an online relationship on the network.

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“It turns out that having fun together is one of the best ways to deepen and reignite relationships at work,” reads the new Games page on LinkedIn. “Spark conversations, compete with your connections, and break the ice.” Relationships are the foundation of all we do, and games foster them.”

To entice users to stay on the website and possibly purchase a LinkedIn Premium subscription, games also provide a means of doing so.

Is it possible for LinkedIn to replace Wordle in your new routine? Let’s examine the fundamentals of Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens.


Pinpoint is a word association game where players must determine the relationship between five clue words as they are revealed. Similar to Wordle, achieving a better score requires fewer trials. However, even if it takes four out of five guesses to get the right answer on Pinpoint, you will still be praised for “crushing it!”

Cross Climb

LinkedIn describes Crossclimb as a word-logic game influenced by a mini crossword puzzle, albeit with a unique twist! After receiving three-word “rungs” from the clues, participants must arrange the words into a ladder, ensuring that each rung differs by only one letter from the rung above or below.

Once they correctly construct the ladder, they add top and bottom rungs, with each rung potentially serving as a single clue applicable to various phrases, ultimately leading to puzzle resolution.


Queens is a visual-logic game where players must complete a multicolored grid with only one queen emoji per row, column, and color, without any two queens touching. There is only one answer possible in this game.

Several developers are building the Queen’s grids. Three-time World Sudoku Champion Thomas Snyder created all of the Queen’s grids for the first week of May, and spoiler alert they’re not simple.

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