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Youtubers can Now Earn More Money Using Youtube Shorts

Youtubers Can Now Earn More Money Using Youtube Shorts

YouTube opens monetize all creator, posting short TikTok-style videos.

In the latest move to empower all contributors, youtube leading video-sharing platform has updated the terms of its Partner Program to allow people to earn revenue with Shorts.

After entering the multiformat league, the Google-owned platform makes changes, following in the footsteps of other platforms with large followings. Previously, YouTube only monetized longer videos.

In a recent announcement, the company stated that ad revenue for Shorts creators would begin on February 1. The video site, which had 34 billion viewers last month, is beginning to roll out new terms for all YouTube Partner Program creators.

It sent updated terms to creators, giving them until July 10 to accept and participate in the program.

YouTube announced in September of last year that creators would be able to generate revenue from Shorts.

The new revenue-sharing model will also replace the YouTube Shorts Fund, according to the company. Video creators who want to make money from their videos can apply if they meet the basic requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in three months.

With the latest step to enable creators, Shorts is likely to generate new users who shared more content on TikTok.

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