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90-Year-Old Man’s Advice for Bachelor’s on his Fifth Marriage

A 90-year-old Saudi man who recently got married for the fifth time is encouraging single people to get married because it is “Sunnah” to do so.

As a 90-Year-Old Man celebrated his fifth marriage in the province of Afif, Nasser bin Dahaim bin Wahq Al Murshid Al Otaibi became the oldest groom in the Kingdom and a media celebrity.

Social media users posted videos of the guy and congratulated the 90-year-old, who was portrayed as happy and excited.

In one of the popular videos, his grandson wished him a “happy married life” and offered his congratulations on his grandfather’s marriage.

The enthusiastic groom shared his beliefs and opinions on marriage during an interview with News TV. He referred to marriage as a Sunnah and emphasized that single people should get married.

“I desire another marriage! Being married is a sign of faith and a source of pride in front of the All-Powerful, the Creator of the universe.”

“It is the source of my comfort, my material wealth, and my excellent health. I encourage young people who are hesitant to get into marriage to do so in order to preserve their religion and live fruitful lives.”

Al Otaibi also discussed his view of marriage’s advantages and the satisfaction it offers, regardless of age. “I am content throughout my honeymoon. Old age does not preclude marriage since it is a bodily comfort and joy.”

The man spoke about his family as well. He has four children who are still alive and one who passed away. “My children have children now, and I still want to have other children,” he declared.

He also gave advice to individuals who did not want to get married, telling them to abide by the Sunnah in order to protect their faith.

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